Credo–The Game of Dueling Dogmas



When the St. Lounatics were taking NT and OT Summer Isagogics I and II (if that means something to you, then you know how bad it was) we took breaks from translating and studying playing a board game called Credo. The game pits players against one another attempting to write the Creed at the Council of Nicea. You start with a random sampling of Article Cards–some of them Orthodox articles, some Arian, Solar, popularist, Nestorian (yes, historically too early, but it is a game). You also begin with “Church Cards” cards representing followers, bishops (who have various vote counts) and so forth. Event cards give you extra votes, more followers, or allow you to do various nefarious deeds to the other players, such as giving them a plauge card, exiling one of their bishops, or prostelytizing them to vote for your preferred article.

Ok. It’s hard to describe a game as weird as this. But it’s not too hard to play and was great fun. One of the dudes found it somewhere, but could never find another copy. It is no long out of print.

Then I found this site. If you scroll down, some enterprising guy scanned all the cards, playing board and so forth. I downloaded them, printed them on cardstock and then spent one morning on my day off cutting them out and putting it all together.

It was a pain, but sure beat the $80-some that it sells for on ebay…when it is available.

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